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"Like it or not, they may
  not want to come home."
  • Dog Boarding

    Our suites come in two sizes to accommodate any breed. They are constructed of ceramic tile (walls and floor) with stainless steel fronts.

    Dog Suites

  • Cattery

    Your cat will be staying in a glass octagon shaped room so that they can look out the window all day.


  • Doggie Daycare

    We Also offer Doggie Daycare that is great fun for your four-legged friend while you are at work.

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  • Cat & Dog Grooming

    Get a groom, bath or toe nail trim in Sam & Danni's Grooming Spa which features our "Hydro-Surge" Bath.

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  • Dog Training

    Train your dog with us or rent floor space to get out of the weather and do it yourself.

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  • Pet Food & Supplies

    Sam & Danni's has all the food, treats, toys, etc. that you need to keep your pet healthy and happy. We also have Sam & Danni's shirts available.

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All-day play daycare starting March 1st

Serving the St Cloud Area

Stop by and see why thousands of people trust their pet's care to us!

Thank you for choosing Sam & Danni's. Your pets are special to us and we treat them like our own. All of us at Sam & Danni's are dedicated to making your pets stay a safe, fun-filled vacation. If you have any questions, please give us a call or text at (320) 252-2844.

Canine Cough ( Kennel Cough )

It is important that all clients are made aware that Kennel Cough is always present in the Central MN area and DOES NOT ORIGINATE IN A KENNEL.

We absolutely WILL NOT allow dogs to enter our facility that are coughing or showing signs of kennel cough. However, it may be IMPOSSIBLE for us to tell when a boarder has been exposed to it PRIOR to their arrival.


Our Hours

Mon-Fri 7 AM - 6 PM | Sat 8 AM - 12 PM
Sun 10 AM-12 PM & 6-7 PM
*Holidays 5-6 PM only*

All drop offs Mon-Sat should be here 1 hour before close. Pick up anytime during regular hours but by 11am for no charge. Ask about our after-hours pick up for daycare!!!


We boarded our lab and husky there and much to our surprise when we went to get them, they DID NOT want to leave.. Sam and Danni's is AWESOME!!!!

Teresa Ondarko

News Flash

  • PET LOVERS! It's that time of year when pets are curious about the great outdoors. So if your pet gets sprayed, here is a skunk spray recipe for dogs or cats.

  • Rent Activity Center

    Did you know that you can rent our 5000 sq. ft., climate controlled activity center for training, or just to play.

  • Grooming Tip

    Make sure to thoroughly brush out your long coated dog before bathing.

    Bathing an un-brushed dog will cause any matting to become bigger and tighter to the skin.

  • Maintaining your dogs nails on a regular basis (every two weeks) this will keep the quick from growing too long and will help you keep your pet’s nails shorter.

    Toe nail trims can be given at any time without an appointment.

  • FYI: Which plants are safe and which are not for animals?


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