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Doggie Daycare

Are you tired of coming home to a dog that has been laying around all day and is raring to go after you’ve had a long day at work? Maybe your dog is getting bored during the daytime, resulting in destructive behavior of property or, developing unhealthy habits such as continuous licking and chewing. Bringing your dog to Doggie Daycare will cure a lot of these problems. By the end of the day, your dog will be as tired as you, from a long day of play. Please read the required vaccinations for your type of pet, we will not accept any pet that does not have the appropriate vaccinations.

Some of the benefits of Doggie Daycare:


  • Can help socialize your dog with other people and dogs.
  • Provides a safe and healthy environment for your pet while you are away for the day.
  • Can help with potty training.
  • Reduces stress in your pet due to inadequate exercise
  • Prevents or curtails destructive behavior in your home.


This is a service that enables you to either drop your pet off before our normal opening hour, or to pick them up after our closing hour. We have a variety of Day Care options to meet just about any need that you may have.


  • Regular Day Care, $22.95- includes approximately 30 minutes of play group, and interaction with our caring staff for the remainder of the day in our boarding area.
  • Half Day Play & Day Care (Enhanced), $24.95- includes a 2 hour play group and interaction with our caring staff for the remainder of the day in our boarding area.
  • All Day Play, $29.95, includes play group for approximately 4 hours and additional care as needed.

PRE-BUY Daycare

SAVE up to $2.00 PER DAY!

Sam and Danni’s is now offering you a way to save money on your daycare. Pre-buy daycare at a discounted price for 30 days, and use as you like, they don’t expire. Just another way to save money at Sam & Danni’s with your special pet.

Call today for your pre-buy daycare card!

Note: Any extras will be charged on the last day of daycare for the week.


Mon-Fri 7 AM – 6 PM
Sun 10 AM-12 PM & 6-7 PM
*Holidays 5-6 PM only*


(320) 252-2844

All drop offs Mon-Fri should be here 1 hour before close. Pick up anytime during regular hours but by 11am for no charge. Ask about our after-hours pick up for daycare!!!

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"We boarded our lab and husky there and much to our surprise when we went to get them, they DID NOT want to leave.. Sam and Danni's is AWESOME!!!!"

- Teresa Ondarko


Their getaway during your getaway!

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