Professional Dog Training Academy is located at Sam & Danni’s Pet Resort & Spa, Inc. The training area is a 5,000 sq. ft. climate controlled facility.

If you are interested in scheduling personal 1 on 1 training, please email
us at loveit@samanddannis.com, or visit or contact us page to leave us a message.

Vaccinations Required for all training. We will need to see proof of Bordatella, Rabies, & Distemper.

These training programs are for people who are serious about results; maybe you have tried other training programs and did not feel like you have learned anything or didn’t care for the instructor, so you quit. There are no easy short cuts, just hard work and good instruction.


This class is designed for dogs 4 months of age or older and is for owners who are serious about results. There are no treats, clickers, or other gimmicks. Just tried and proven methods with results. Topics covered in this class are:

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Come (when called)
  • Jumping
  • Biting
  • Dominancy Issues
  • Helping others better understand their pets and
  • How the pet processes commands
  • Pack Orientation
  • Educate the owner and dog to work as a team

The fee for this class will be $225.00 for six weeks of one hour instruction, once per week. Class size is limited to 10, reserve your spot today!!

Week 1 – Introductions to your trainer and assisting staff, proper fitting of collars and, leashes.  Learning how to read your dog.  Beginning exercises: Healing, Sit, Stay, About turn, Circle right and Circle Left. Proper commands for training your dog.

Week 2 – Reinforcement of week one exercises, new exercises for Sit and, Down stays. Teaching your dog to come to you even when there are multiple distractions.

Week 3 – Reinforcement of weeks 1 & 2. New commands consisting of: Come-fore with sit in front of you, teaching your dog to go to the heal position when commanded. Work on extending the dogs’ stay time and, working on a long lead.

Week 4 – Reinforcement of previous weeks, reviewing homework assignments, addressing issues that you may be seeing. Begin to work on having leashes over your shoulder or on the ground. Work on recalls.

Week 5 – Review and reinforcement of prior weeks, Handler issues, teaching proper foot work for the handlers, body language of the handlers, distance recalls and, more off leash work.

Week 6 – Review and reinforcement of prior weeks, more teaching of handler techniques, working on distance recalls, work on off leash healing techniques, preparing for Intermediate class and, dealing with any issues you or your dog may be having.


This class is designed for dogs that have completed the basic obedience course. This class is to get the owner confident with your dog off a leash. This class is fun and rewarding for you and your dog. Topics covered in this class are:

  • Hand signals
  • Drop on recall
  • Education of owners to be better handlers
  • Off leash control
  • Off leash down, sit, stay, come, and recall since the class is mostly off leash.

The fee for this class will be $225.00 for six weeks of one hour instruction, once per week. 

This is a more advanced class for obedience training. It prepares you and your dog to achieve the next level of training with confidence. Some of the tasks covered in the Intermediate Class are: Heeling when dragging a leash, heeling off leash, recalls off leash, moving to sitting and down positions while moving. Teaching your dog to stay focused on you while other dogs and distractions are in close proximity. Drop on recall, Hand signals, Sits and down while the dog is out of sight from you. Teaching your dog to navigate obstacles, jumps and, tunnels. Training your dog to ignore distractions including food distractions. Maintaining control of your dog while playing.

You should remember that this is an investment of your time and money in your dog. You will see positive results during this training program and this will result in you and your dog having a much happier life together. Training your dog well insures that you will be in control of your dog even during situations where you normally wouldn’t have control.

This class is designed to take you to the next level of training. There are people of all different levels in this class. Training exercises consist of:

  • Heeling while dragging the leash
  • Heeling off leash
  • Recalls off leash
  • Sits and downs while in motion
  • Teaching the dog to stay focused on you while other dogs are in close proximity
  • Drop on recall
  • Hand Signals
  • Sits and downs out of sight
  • Obstacles, jumps, tunnels
  • Maintain control while playing
  • Food distractions


One on one training is for people who may not want a classroom environment and would feel more comfortable with one on one attention, or for those whose schedules do not permit classroom training. The topics covered in this class are:

  • Basic Obedience (see above)
  • Any other problems you may have with your dog.

The fee for this class is $120.00 per hour.

Troy Decker is the owner and head trainer at Sam & Danni’s Pet Resort/ Spa.

Troy has been training all types of dogs for over 30 years. He and many of his students have Titled dogs with the AKC & UKC in obedience and field trials. Troy has worked with several law enforcement agencies having police K-9’s, as well as Private citizens and businesses with protection dogs. Troy has also given public demonstrations at schools and area events, along with being interviewed by several radio stations. Troy is called upon regularly by veterinarians and, city governments throughout the area to evaluate training and behavioral issues of potentially dangerous dogs.

Troy doesn’t just assume a dog is going to act a certain way just because of the dog’s breed. Instead he believes you need to look at each dog as an individual. Just like people, dogs are creatures of their environment and or upbringing. Troy believes “there is no such thing as a “bad dog”, just “bad behaviors” that can be fixed. “As a trainer it is my job to help owners and dogs to enjoy their time together”.

Troy enjoys seeing the transformation week to week with his clients. No gimmicks here! He uses proven methods to help pet owners communicate with their furry family member, so they can be well mannered at home and in the community.

Hannah is one of the dog trainers here at Sam & Danni’s. She graduated from SCSU with a bachelors in community psychology and behavior analysis. Hannah specializes in obedience training and behavior modification. She has worked with local law enforcement K9 officers and has been involved in some of the training procedures to help the K9 dogs be sharp and always on task.

From a young age, Hannah has had a deep love and respect for dogs, and finds joy in seeing their potential brought out. She grew up around family pets, and quickly discovered her passion for learning their behaviors and working to make them better-behaved.

No two training sessions with Hannah are ever the same. She tailors to the specific needs of her clients and their dogs, always ensuring that everyone leaves satisfied and confident with the progress made. She is known for her patience, understanding, and easy-going demeanor.

Hannah’s training philosophy revolves around clear communication, trust, and commitment. She firmly believes that building a strong bond with a dog is the key to successful training. By understanding each dog’s unique personality and needs, Hannah builds her training methods to create a positive and enriching experience for both the dog and their owner.

When she is not training dogs, Hannah enjoys learning the history of art and spending quality time with her German Shepherd, Kelso.

Training Classes

We have two obedience classes available to our clients: Our Basic Obedience Class and, Our Intermediate Obedience class.  Each class runs for a six-week period.  Maybe you have been to other Obedience classes and not found the results you were looking for.  Our trainers use tried and true methods that have proven to be successful time and time again.  You will appreciate the investment you make in your dog.  Feel free to sign up either online, in person or, over the phone.  If you have any questions concerning the training or behavioral issues with your dog feel free to give us a call or stop by.

Our trainer also offers “one on one” training for those clients who prefer training sessions by themselves.  Feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our staff or the trainer concerning these individual sessions.


Mon-Fri 7 AM – 6 PM
Sun 10 AM-12 PM & 6-7 PM
*Holidays 5-6 PM only*


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All drop offs Mon-Fri should be here 1 hour before close. Pick up anytime during regular hours but by 11am for no charge. Ask about our after-hours pick up for daycare!!!

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